AIMS | Business Pillars
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Business Pillars

Insights to Investment Portfolio

Information Technology

Providing forefront technology solutions to each business segments to achieve high business efficiencies, increase in revenue and sustainability. Focus area will include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing.


Education Hub which encompass Self-Enrichment, Higher Education, Consultation and E-Learning for Professionals and Students. Our trainings for professional are certified and HRDF claimable. Foreign students are able to apply for tertiary education, Visa & accommodation via our Education Portal.

Automotive Industry

One stop solutions for a full suite professional mobility services to both individuals and businesses. Short term rentals for Photography, Events, VIP escorts and Leisure. Long term rentals for Students, Expats, Corporates.

Project Management & Consultancy

Strategy, structure, management and operations – our objectives to achieve optimum accomplishment and project success. Our professional services will cover Lawyer, Tax, Cosec, Account and Engineering (QA/QC).

Security Management

We believe in the core fundamental practices of protecting people, systems, networks and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information, extorting money from users or interrupting normal business processes.

Asset Management

Managing multiple portfolios of Real Estate investment. Commercials buildings, lands and residences to cater for different requirements. Short term rentals to long term rentals for Student, Expat, Tourist and Corporations.

Mass Media & Production

Venturing into the Digital Era, most contents are consumed on the Social Media or Digital Platform. We provide the expertise in Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Video Production. Alongside, we will complement the offerings with Event Organising and Corporate Functions.

Leisure & Recreational

Vast selection of Travel Experiences, Food & Beverage, Health and Living to enhance your lifestyle. Travels related to investment can be tailored to the individuals need.

Construction & Development

Integration of Industry 4.0 Smart Solutions to improvise construction method and process. Provides partnership model with developer to build buildings, townships and commercial areas.

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