AIMS | Management team
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Management team

Jackson Chong


CK Lock


Katie Cheah


“Digital transformation has brought new ideas and new ways of running business. With the strong support from industry players and the Government agencies, Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the way forward where most of the things are connected and information can be obtained instantaneously. At AIMS Fintech, we strive to be the pioneer to provide a more customized solutions to our Consumers, Business Partner and Investors need.


AIMS Fintech holds a diverse investment portfolio with different business natures which will converge via our underlying Blockchain Technology, Asper Token. With Asper Token, we will simplify payment methods and reward consumers on their spending. Merchants and Business partners who adopt Asper Token will benefit from Convenience, Secured and Transparent transaction. Investors can expect higher yield on investment return from our innovatively devised Ecosystem.


I am truly humbled that in AIMS Fintech, we have gathered the top industry leaders to share the same goals and objectives with us to build this ecosystem. We anticipate for being the market leader to drive this towards success.”


Jackson Chong

Chairman of AiMs Fintech Capital Berhad

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